Advantages and differential characteristics of EKOGEL for professionals and amateurs

Recommended methods of EKOGEL application in landscaping and for houseplants:

  • meet strict requirements of ecological safety, absolutely safe for human being, animals and environment;

  • effective in different edaphic-climatic zones and in all types of indoor areas (including greenhouses, winter gardens, private and office premises) for different sorts of ornamental plants;

  • bring along improvement of the plants ornamental qualities and cut in spending for expensive and dangerous for a human and environment traditional chemical preparations.


Advantages and differential characteristics of EKOGEL

In distinction from other preparations with similar prescription EKOGEL has durable action. Overdose and other infractions of use recommendations don’t lead to negative or irreparable consequences. EKOGEL is stable as at low temperatures so at high. It doesn’t dissolve in the light, doesn’t need any special holding or application conditions. Unlike biologies with microorganisms, effect of the EKOGEL is stable, reproducibly and less prone to environmental conditions.

EKOGEL is a preparation of signal type; it starts natural growth and protection mechanisms of the plants, effectively and timely work in full conformity with natural processes. It allows EKOGEL cardinally differ from so popular today steroid and hormonal preparations. Steroid preparations entail persistent changes in cell organelles of the plants and hormonal directionally change chemical composition of intra- and intercellular substance. Consequently, their usage provokes distortion and violation of the natural biochemical processes, formed through millions of years of vegetative evolution.

We should keep in mind that European Union law has tabooed the usage of growth hormones in plant cultivation since 2005.

Ekogel improves plants ornamental qualities (color density and size of inflorescences, herbage volume and leaf-area duration), hastens root formation, growth and development of plants. Improves immune resistance of plants, retards development of diseases and spread of plants pests. There is also content decrease of nitrates in vegetables, overall level of heavy metals salt and dangerous chemical residue in plants.

Sharing use of EKOGEL and fungicides, insecticides, herbicides increases efficiency of their usage. And along with this the norms of chemical preparations usage can be cut down two times and more.

EKOGEL using for seeds, propagula, bulbs, seedling and adult plants treatment increases efficiency of their fixation of elements of mineral nutrition.



The usage of EKOGEL doesn’t require any special conditions, attainments and equipment. Ekogel can be diluted in the water to the concentration of process solution in accordance with use recommendations.
Process solution is used either in the pure state or together with other preparations for the processing of planting material, spraying of seedling, watering and spraying of vegetative plants.

The specialists of our company are always ready to analyze technologies you use in agriculture and work out individual dosage scheme of EKOGEL.