Description and characteristics of EKOGEL

 Plant resistance improver EKOGEL is an inducer of plants immunity, polyfunctional agroecological activator of root formation, growth, blossoming, disease-resistance and cropping capacity in plant cultivation.
EKOGEL has adaptogenic qualities. It contributes to antistress resistivity of plants in conditions of unfavorable environments, including moisture stress, temperature extremes and influence of technogenic factors. 
The main active substance of EKOGEL is chitosan lactate – linear polyaminosaccharides composition in the solution of alpha-hydroxy propionic acid. The unique patented technologies are used in the process of EKOGEL production.

Mechanism of EKOGEL action is determined by the theory of signal system starting of defence mechanisms and growth activating mechanisms of the plants and also the theory of induced immune resistance. The action of EKOGEL is expressed as in direct growth activating influence so in indirect, based on increasing of immune resistance of the plants. Genes involved in immune resistance, in the process of growth and root formation is an essential part of plants genome, but in normal condition most of them are not active and starts working only after getting corresponding signal (action on cell receptors of chitosan lactate molecules).

EKOGEL is a preparation of new class high-performance plant protectants against virus, bacterial, mushroom diseases. Its activity is not pesticide but regulatory activity of signal type. Unlike pesticides such preparations are absolutely safe for a human and environment. Therewith they effectively allow to restrain evolvement most of the phytophagans below the threshold of injuriousness.

In agroindustrial complex EKOGEL could be equally successfully used as for the technologies of outdoor growing so for the protected ground, while growing leaf and vegetable crops with hydroponics. It is effectively used in urban and landscape farms, gardens, nursery-gardens of well-grown saplings and ornamental plants.

Due to its high ecological compatibility EKOGEL is ideal not only for traditional agriculture, but also for organic farming and farms producing ecologically clean production and even infant food.

Not only professionals see the true value of environmental friendliness and useful properties of EKOGEL. Gardeners, truckers, growers and fanciers of house-plants successfully use special modifications of EKOGEL for their plants.