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OOO “Biochemical Technologies” (Biochemical Technologies Ltd.) was founded in spring 2006. The company is a member of multiprofile commercial Industrial Corporation “Russian Gold” Group of Companies. Sustained investigations of unique native and world successful commercialization of biotechnologies took precedence of the company creation.

At the present time we centre on practical development of chitosan – unique natural polymer and its modifications and derivatives useful properties.

The company is a full-fledged member of European Chitin Society (EUCHIS) and Asia-Pacific Congress of chitin societies (APCCS), our participation in international exhibitions and conferences guarantees immediate update of information about branch development perspectives all over the world.

Today have the honor of presenting to experts and crop admirers - Plant resistance improver  EKOGEL - polyfunctional agro ecological activator, meeting strict requirements of ecological safety.

EKOGEL was developed with the view of viable solution of one of the most topical problems of today – to have enough high-grade and safe plant production in the context of constant growth of consuming population and negative global climatic changes.

Unique properties of EKOGEL provide its successful application by agro industrial complex experts, farmers, gardeners, houseplants admirers and landscape professionals.

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