For flowering and foliage houseplants

Intended for growth and blossoming activation, disease-resistance enhancement, ornamental qualities improvement.

Intended for improvement of adornment and flowering houseplants ornamental qualities, growth activation, enhancement of disease and pest resistance.

In houseplants growing:

- prolongs the period of flowering and improves color intensity of flowers;
- improves survival ability of plants during transplanting;
- hastens plants adaptation to new conditions.

Preparing of the solution and treatment of plants:

Watering of plants - ½ cap/1L of water .With the same frequency as regular watering. All the year round at 4 weeks intervals between treatments.

Foliage spraying - ½ cap/1L of water. 2 weeks after watering or last spraying.

To cope with after-effects of stress situations: transplanting or relocation of plants, temperature and lighting extremes, drying, outbreak of diseases and varmint Ekogel Antistress is highly recommended.

Expiry date: two years after the manufacture date

Linear polyaminosaccharides composition in the solution of alpha-hydroxy propionic acid. The unique patented technologies of magnetic structuring and saturation by silver ions are used in the process of manufacturing

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