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Venue: Exhibition Centre "Kuban EXPOCENTER"


Exhibition Sections:
•Agricultural machines:
◦combined harvesters, tractors
◦soil cultivating machines
◦sowing and planting machines
◦reclamative engineering and components for it
◦harvesting machines
◦fodder conservation and fodder production machines
◦machines for chemical protection and fertilizer distribution
◦automotive specialized vehicles, loaders and their components
◦cargo trailers, tanks, carts
◦spare parts and components for agricultural machines
◦engines, motors, electrical generators and spare parts for them
◦lubricating materials, oils, fuels
◦power choring, tools and implements for agricultural works
◦borers and drills
◦pumps, filters
◦energy plants, gas equipment
•Equipment of mills and grain elevators:
◦machines for delivery and transportation
◦pneumatic systems
◦cleaning equipment, separators
◦drying, ventilating, aspirating equipment
◦spare parts and components for mills and grain elevator equipment
◦rubbing machines, dosemeters, mixers, grainers
◦mini-elevators, small granaries, bunkers, silages
◦automation systems, electronic equipment
◦flour mill equipment, aggregates
•Primary processing of agricultural products:
◦filters and technical nets
◦equipment of storehouses (potato, vegetables, fruits)
◦equipment and tools for cleaning and washing
•Plant growing:
◦scientific developments and technologies for plant growing
◦plant potato
◦planting materials, seedlings, saplings
◦plant protection means
◦hothouse equipment and covering materials
•Animal husbandry:
◦feed dispensers, feeding and watering systems
◦caging equipment, cages, hatchers
◦egg collecting systems
◦manure cleaning machines
◦milking machines and components
◦refrigerating equipment
◦livestock breeding, selection, seed production
◦climatic systems: ventilation, heating, air conditioning
◦labels, applicators for animals
◦veterinary preparations and equipment
◦feed, combined fodder, additives, vitamins
◦equipment for slaughtering
◦systems of automation and management
◦washing, disinfecting equipment and means
◦means and accessories for animals care
•Standardization and metrology:
◦integrated outfitting with laboratory equipment
◦devices for measuring temperature
◦devices for measuring
humidity ◦weighing equipment
◦regulating devices
◦devices for quality control, analyzers
◦laboratory ware and consumables for laboratories
•Services for agroindustrial complex enterprises:
◦crediting and leasing
◦consulting services
◦transportation services
◦personnel training for agriculture, specialists training
◦projecting of agricultural structures, complexes, technical service, installation supervision
◦projects expertise, justification of investments
•Processing equipment for fruits and vegetables:
◦lines for production of juices, pulps
◦lines for processing of tomatoes, production of tomato-paste
◦equipment for processing of berries, production of confiture, jams, candied fruits and sterilization
◦equipment for production of frozen food
◦equipment for production of starch, fruit-sugar, fructose
◦equipment for products canning
•Equipment for milk processing:
◦equipment for milk processing
◦equipment for milk cooling and storage
◦equipment for milk drying
◦equipment for production of cheese
◦buttermaking machines
•Equipment for meat processing:
◦equipment for production of ready-to-cook meat products
◦dumpling, cutlet making equipment
◦mincing machines
◦mincemeat mixers
•Processing equipment for grain, cereal, rice, sunflower seeds:
◦equipment for rice plants
◦equipment for cereal plants and corn processing
◦presses for production of vegetable oil
◦equipment for cleaning, refining, and desodorization of oils
•Food equipment:
◦lines for production of confectionery products
◦automated lines for production of candies
◦baking and snack making equipment
◦baking and confectionery ovens
◦noodle production equipment, presses, dryingboxes
◦glazing lines
◦equipment for production of ready-to-cook fish products
◦equipment for sausage production
◦equipment for production of mayonnaise and ketchups
•General equipment and materials for food lines and food processing enterprises:
◦conveyers, conveyer systems
◦refrigerating and freezing equipment
◦washing and cleaning equipment
◦ventilation systems, filters
◦heating equipment
◦pallets, crates
◦equipment of production and warehousing premises
•Dosing, filling, packing, containers:
◦filling equipment
◦packing equipment
◦equipment for bottling
◦marking equipment, consumables
◦labeling equipment
◦labels, stickers
◦equipment for printing on packing and containers
◦equipment for PET containers
◦films, stretches, scotches
◦sacks, bags, nets, packages
◦systems of sealing, corking, clipping
•Food raw materials and ingredients:
◦culinary ingredients
◦ingredients for ice cream
◦casings for cheeses
◦sausage casings
◦dry milk
◦flavoring materials, flavoring additive
◦food colourants
◦preserving agents

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