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FLOWERS - 2012

Venue: All-Russian Exhibition Centre


Exhibition Participators:

Manufacturers and distributors of cut and pot flowers, foliage plants and nursery garden products
Manufacturers of machines, tools, gardening implements and equipment
Manufacturers and distributors of materials meant for production and sale of flower and decoration products
Constructors of hothouse complexes and manufacturers of protected ground materials; developers and manufacturers of technical equipment for irrigation of hothouses and urban green areas
Manufacturers of landscape furniture, garden sculpture, hard landscaping, swimming pools, fountains
Manufacturers of soils, fertilizers, plant protecting and handling agents
Manufacturers and distributors of associated pottery and merchandise made of ceramics, glass, metal, plastic mixtures and other materials
Florists, landscape architects, designers, developers of information technologies in landscape design
Representatives of research and training institutes, botanic gardens, breeders
Maintenance and consulting services, transport companies, logistics
Publishers and distributors of specialized publications

Exhibition Sections:

All types and sorts of cut and pot flowers, pot plants, garden-flowers
Products of decorative and fruit crop nurseries
Seed, bulbs, bulbous tubers and planting stock of flower crops
Machines, equipment and materials for flower growing and landscape gardening; tools for professionals and amateurs
Articles made of ceramics, plastic, metal, natural materials for flower growing and garden design
Accessories for flower arrangement and floristics
Immortelles, artificial flowers and plants
Equipment and packaging for flower transportation and sale
Garden furniture and sculpture, fixtures, swimming pools, pavilions, pergolas
Hard landscaping, materials and equipment for landscape design
Hothouses, winter gardens
Process equipment
Soils, composts, fertilizers, plant protecting agents
Literature, films, CDs dedicated to flower growing, garden design and floristics

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