What is Ekogel?

Plant resistance improver EKOGEL is an agroecological activator of root formation, growth, blossoming, disease-resistance and cropping capacity in plant cultivation 


  • Increases germinating ability of seeds and survival ability of seedlings;
  • Increases productivity, quality and ecological safety of the crop;
  • Improves ornamental properties of plants, prolong the period of flowering and color intensity of flowers;
  • Hastens root formation, growth and development of plants;
  • Improves immune resistance of plants;
  • Retard development of diseases and spread of plant pests;
  • Increases resistance to the environmental unfavorable ambient, including drought;
  • Helps to cut in spending for expensive and dangerous for a human and environment traditional agro preparations including pesticides;
  • Restrain evolvement most of the phytophagans below the threshold of injuriousness; 
  • Meet strict requirements of ecological safety, improves ecological situation.




About company

OOO “Biochemical Technologies” (Biochemical Technologies Ltd.) was founded in spring 2006. The company is a member of multiprofile commercial Industrial Corporation “Russian Gold” Group of Companies. Sustained investigations of unique native and world successful commercialization of biotechnologies took precedence of the company creation.

At the present time we centre on practical development of chitosan – unique natural polymer and its modifications and derivatives useful properties. More…